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Devastation 2010 Details Announced

The stream and some of the competition for Devastation 2010 has been confirmed.  The event starts tomorrow.

Devestation - a small tournament which broke out from humble beginnings last year to one of the biggest events in the fighting community - has announced their stream and the commentators and players for some of the events which will take place during the event.  

djWHEAT, the host of Live On Three, has already be confirmed as part of the stream, but he will be joined by sWooZie from WCG the Ultimate Gamer and the CGS, DrDogg from the CGS and also an organizer for the event, upcoming streamer in the fighting game community Potatohead as well as gamescast.tv founder fishstix.

Players for the events include 2 time MLG champion Mew2king from Florida, Street fighter legend Alex Valle, two Korean Tekken players in Nin and MLG champion Holeman.

These players are only a fraction of the competition in Tekken, Street Fighter, Quake Live, MvC2, SSBB and many others that will be attending.

Further details below:


Tournament Coverage of DEVASTATION Event, June 18th-20th, 2010

This weekend, hundreds of gamers are flocking to the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, for a three-day gaming event of epic proportions. DEVASTATION is among the most diverse gaming events of all time, combining competitive fighters, first-person shooters, music/rhythm, and sports games in one room. If that wasn't enough, the world renowned eSports broadcasting crew LiveOnThree (djWHEAT, SirScoots, Slasher) will be on site to stream the top matches of the tournament LIVE to the internet.

The broadcast begins Friday 12 PM PDT, June 18th and continues through the weekend.  

  • Tune in for high level matches in games such as Super Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, Quake Live, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, BlazBlue, Smash Bros. Brawl, SF3: Third Strike, HD Remix, and more.  
  • On the mic we'll have professional, television, and community commentators such as djWHEAT, sWooZ1e, Akunin, DrDogg, casperOne, Aris, EA Megaman, QDogg, PotatoHead, and more.

Detailed schedules and logistical information will be available as the event unfolds.  

Notable Players:
SSF4: Alex "Calipower" Valle (SoCal), The JuiceBox Abel (Phoenix), Sabre (Phoenix), Marn (New York)
Tekken 6: Nin (S.KOREA), Holeman(S.KOREA), RIP (SoCal), 725 (NorCal), MYK (SoCal), Suiken (SoCal)
Guitar / DJ Hero: WitWix (New York), Acai (SoCal)
SSBB: Mew2King (Florida)
Soul Calibur IV: DreamKiller (Chicago)

Stream: djWHEAT.tv, Ustream, DEVASTATION

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