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Pauly in, Pham Out for Loaded

Third place in ESEA last season, Loaded, have announced a roster change midway through this current season.

 Ryan "pham" Pham has been dropped from the team in place for free agent Paul "pauLy" Guerboyan from ex-excello/Immortal7/Graffiti.
This is the second time in the season that the new loaded roster has made a change, dropping Naz for Willson late last month. That move changed little though, as the roster lost three of the four matches they played as a team, disregarding the three forfeit wins they have garnered from HBK, Immortal7 and TARDS.

Team captain Anthony "djibouti" Manosca told goloaded.com that:

"Pham has gone inactive because his schedule prohibited him from being on as much as we needed. As a result we brought on Paul because we have been playing with him for a little while now. Paul is a great fragger and while he isn't that well known yet, he has a lot of drive and hunger to become the best and that's why we wanted him on our team."

Guerboyan added that:

"I was always asked to fill in for pham in scrims when he couldn't make it, so it was kinda like I was already their 6th. So I was very happy when loaded asked me to join; I've been friends with these 4 guys for a while and I am very excited to be officially playing with them.

The environment differences between my last team (excello) and Loaded are vastly different. I felt like Excello had a much more negative and high-tension atmosphere, and loaded is completely calm and professional, I really enjoy the change. I like everyone on the team i think we're going to have a lot of fun. If we keep practicing and working hard like we are, I believe we will go far."

Loaded Roster:

  Paul "pauLy" Guerboyan
  Paul "Adrenaline" Baker
  Anthony "djibouti" manosca
  Shaun "hostile" Catron
  Nazar "steno" Vynnytsky

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