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CEVO Announces OCZ Wings of Liberty – Starcraft 2 Beta Tournament

CEVO has announced their first Starcraft II tournament, taking place in June-July.

CEVO - a team known for their Counter Strike leagues and tournaments - have announced their first ever event for Starcraft II, called the OCZ Wings of Liberty - Starcraft 2 BETA Tournament. T
he tournament will feature a double elimination bracket, which is odd for the StarCraft community which is known for their broad use of a single elimination bracket. CEVO, however, will use the best-of-three format.

Blistering Sands. Steppes of War, Desert Oasis, Scrap Station, Incineration Zone will be the official maps for the tournament and there will be three matches a week for the 128 competitors.
There will be no money up for grabs, but there will be a great amount of PC gaming components which come from the title sponsor OCZ ranging from their Fatal1ty power supply to a case of monster energy drinks.

Preliminary Rounds:
Round 1 Tue. 6/15
Round 2 Thu. 6/17
Round 3 Sun. 6/20
Round 4 Tue. 6/22
Round 5 Thu. 6/24
Round 6 Sun. 6/27
Round 7 Tue. 6/29
Round 8 Thu. 7/01

Championship Rounds:
Round 1 Sun. 7/04
Round 2 Tue. 7/06
Round 3 Thu. 7/08
Round 4 Sun. 7/11
Round 5 Tue. 7/13
Round 6 Thu. 7/15

Prize Distribution:
• 1st Place – OCZ Fatal1ty Series Power Supply 700W
• 2nd Place - OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Fatal1ty Edition (4g pack)
• 3rd Place - OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Fatal1ty Edition (2g pack)
• 4th Place -OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler
• 5th - 8th Place - CASE of Monster Energy Drink

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quote#1 US AGar 14/06/2010 - 23:59:59
Fools didn't plan on beta going down... XD

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