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Cb Team Disbands; Lions Raid Roster

Cbteam disbands midway through the EPS season and lions pick up the newly released players.

Cbteam - which was removed from EPS Nordic after getting so many negative points on their roster which surmounted to 45% of any prize money that they would have received being lost - has been disbanded and their players have been up for grabs.

Cbteam.net gave this statement that:

"The downfall of cbteam has been rumored since the failure of attending The Gathering 2010th It is always hard to give a reasonable explanation to the supporters when you realize a team will not work anymore as you keep hoping for survival. Yourself This is why no information has been given out earlier. We did not know just. We are regret to annouce the closure of cbteam as you know it for now. Thanks to you for all the amazing support you gave us through the time cbteam lasted."

Players which wanted to continue to play in EPS Nordic have joined Cbteam, including Karl-William "call" Haraldsen and Tommy "tacky" Mosgaard which had played with the team earlier this year in Febuarary.

Cbteam is:

  Sondre "REAL" Svanevik  
  Tommy 'syrtekz' Skoglund
  Preben "prb" Gammelsaeter

Oslo Lions eSportKlubb now has:

  Tommy 'tacky' Mosgaard
  Karl-William 'kalle' Haraldsen
  Martin 'hellzerk' Solbakken
  Thomas 'Vertigo' Andresen
  Michael 'mikkis' Sokki  

As well as three more for EPS Nordic:

  Jon Thomas 'DaY' Rudstrøm (EPS only)
  Raymond 'Rashi' Nielsen (EPS only)
  Christian 'florence' Shahan (EPS only)  

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