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Bromberg out of MLG

Gamesbeat reports that MLG has changed CEO's.

Major League Gaming, the only big circuit left in north america, has changed CEOs according to Gamesbeat. The change comes from a differences in the point of view in the management, with the then current CEO Matt Bromberg wanting to continue the rapid expansion which it has had over the last 4 years, and co-founder Sundance DiGiovanni wanting to take a slower pace which would be more sustainable in the long run.

“We have had an extraordinary run of growth and success over the last four years,” said Bromberg told Gamesbeat.com. “There was a feeling among the founders that it was time to scale back our ambitions and grow more slowly.  That isn’t in my nature, and was not my plan.  We all agreed it was best to find a new CEO to execute this strategy.”

“We had  a recent board meeting with divergent opinions about the focus for the company,” DiGiovanni added. “We are not changing the plan. It’s just a change in the velocity at which we are attempting to travel.”

Game beats also reports that:

"DiGiovanni Said the company is close to being consitenly profitable and would focus on that. While he said that appointment to CEO is on an interim basis, he might want to be the permanent CEO if asked to do so. He said he didn't want to CEO search to become a distraction for the business."

Source: http://games.venturebeat.com/2010/05/10/major-league-gaming-ceo-resigns-in-split-over-growth-plans/

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