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CompLexity Playing in IOL; EG Never Was

The Inferno Online League has announced that CompLexity will be playing in the Inferno Online League event.  Evil Geniuses, the first team supposedly going, had never accepted the invite.

Evil Geniuses will still be going to IOL LAN as a bootcamp prior to Arbalet Cup Europe, but will not stay afterwards for the IOL due to unconfirmed reasons.

Complexity Gaming, the reigning CEVO Professional champions, will be at the Inferno Online League as the only American contender.

 Alex "Jax" Conroy, CDO of Complexity Gaming, told InsidereSports.com that:

"The timing of IOL was perfect for us. It allows for the guys to compete in two international events in one trip. Arbalet Cup will be a test of this lineups raw ability, after which they will have their first European bootcamp. IOL gives the team an opportunity to showcase their improvement as well as gain valuable experience."

The winner of the event will join SK-Gaming, Fnatic and H2K-Gaming in the IOL finals, which will take place this summer at the DreamHack Summer event.  The prize pot is not yet confirmed.

IOL Confirmed Teams:

  eucalyptus - flwstEr, revel, skytten
  strangers - BJOERN, doomi, validus, zyNd, ebot
  compLexity - dboorN evolution Xp3 thoMz herotowN
  Swecon- zodiak, neogen, skrff, jhonnyj, relik
  dwtr - manw, vilander, r0lf, jolle, funqy
  novamania - DrillaN Cool1awp
  the bats punkt- eksem emilio shabi lillshabi jozic
  Lanpangarna - niwen, ernesto, zedar, rause
  quickpoint - awwe doit pyth quix
  2easy4 - xektor, monch, vision, blizker1, aleex
  brend - givar, plyfa, rdl, frisken, berra
  combo - neron,zeiz,beez,zeki,appo
  ONLINE-KINGDOM - korn, pekky, bjerke, arch, thundr
  Begrip - godlike jaegarn fnazze xeron azl
  coldgame - madsevl bnd twice domiNate maektig
  RumNCoke - des kHRiLL laxenn miWe demy
  neverborn - spozy, mono, zunzet, bassets, brownie
  spotify - max_payne spixo zonti poke feddan
  magicninjas - kye, alistair, kn0x, ch1pi
  drömvinsten - akown zoddi paL realisten
  Frost - Reeze,Chooki,Vetic,Padi,CazzEN
  p0dCatZ - cON7TR4Y fizzy JT
  Fritzfezt - dioz RIKZ BofinK rad
  the nordic insects - heniz,windzki,fidzki,magica,micra
  cbteam - kalle, REAL, syrtekz, prb, tacky
  MYM - delpan, pita, zet, jumpy, FYRR7e
  Antwerp Aces - cieseta, nookbrid, luosrevo, TRx, Monu
  umop.episdn - eksem silverbane dalito rape sobek
  limbokungen - frostnova, radix, eliotth, kylig, bergqvist
  Playzone.se - huggan, keiz, manne, pinne, dennis
  H2k-Gaming - xizt, pronax, pop, barbarr, hyvlarn
  Bespredel: pnkt, besp, aLLi, Rain, twizteed
  INFAME: floreNz moddii Jumpy zneel Zyppe
  venatus - Ns^, fain, FuzioN, KbH, Hewkie
  Ctrlnet - vuggo ezki Rogga olofm marvel

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