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Frag Executors Refuse Autoberth

POLAND -- Frag Executors, winner of the last ESWC Grand Finals in 2008 and one of the best teams in the world, have refused their autoberth spot, citing their desire to play in the Polish qualifiers.

Frag Executors will not take their autoberth spot granted to them by ESWC, they announced on their website.

Frag Executors explains that many of the teams' sponsors and fans plan to attend the event to market new products and to see them play.


"We are a Polish team and we have to appear on the most important domestic tournaments," the Counter Strike team's manager Adrian "Ziggy" Witkowski explains. "We feel obliged to take part in them for our fans, the media and also teams' sponsors."


The team was apparently going to be allowed to play in the qualifer where, if they won, they would be able to give the spot to the second place team or give away the prize trip.  However, ESWC decided to later reverse their preliminary decisions, forcing Frag Executors to make a decision.

This means that should Frag Executors lose the qualifier, they would not play at the ESWC Grand Finals the following month.  A teams list is currently not available for the ESWC Poland event, but Frag Exectuors says there will be over 120 teams at the event.

The Polish qualifier is June 4th to June 6th in Warsaw.

Frag Executors won ESWC 2008 over eSTRO in San Jose, California.  Fnatic placed third at that event.

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