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Evolution: EG Are Still Number One

Scott "evolution" Cavellero, a new player to the compLexity roster which recently won CEVO Professional Season 12, has given an interview with SK-Gaming and gave some relatively surprising answers to some questions.  

About his change from a primarily AWP player to more of a rifler he said that:

“Coming into this lineup I had been rifling while I was playing on Loaded for the past few months prior so there really was no argument and we all knew that Jeff would be awp'ing for us. So there really wasn't really that much of a change for me personally, and after watching Jeff awp'ing and just playing in general these past few weeks I wouldn't have it any other way. He's insane.”

When asked if they are the new team to beat in North American he said that:

"Given what they've accomplished in the past so many months and given the fact that we are a new team I would have to say they still are number one. Until we consistently beat them at tournaments both online and on lan only then could I say we are number one. However I believe that them being the number one team also offers us advantages as we continually have hunger and motivation to prove not only to the community but to ourselves that we are indeed a better team."

Finally he dispelled some rumors regarding the reason that the former roster could not comepte internationally was due to the organization and not the team he said that:

"Yes, that was the entire purpose of creating this team. We want to compete, attend, and place well at as many international lans as we are invited to and or qualify for. Off the top of my head to name a few would be Dreamhack Summer, ESWC, and perhaps GameGune."



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