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kHRYSTAL in, Jumpy out for MYM

Rumors about a roster change in MYM have turned out true, with khrystal joining for to replace the retiring jumpy.

MYM, a team that came out of left field last year winning the IOL Grand Finals, DreamHack and placing second at IEM Dubai, has made a roster change as they have placed poorly in events the last 4 months.

They have decided to release Jimmy 'Jumpy' Berndtsson, as he has lost motivation to continue to play at a professional level and have instead opted to take in the former SK-Gaming player, Frej "kHRYSAL" Sjostrom.

Berndtsson told myMYM.com that:

"I've decided to stop playing CS at a professional level. It's to hard to keep motivation and energy to be at your A-game when you work and play CS at a professional level at the same time.
My performance during the last couple of months has been up and down due to lack of motivation and energy so I felt that my teammates should play with someone who has the motivation and the energy that I don't have.
I had my best CS memories with this team, I've never had so fun in another team and I belive they'll be a strong opponent for the other top teams out there in future.
I also want to thank MYM for making it possible for me to travel the world and compete at some of the best tournaments there is.

Now it's time for me to "jump" out!"

Newly added player Sjostrom added that:

"I'm happy to join MYM and I look forward to play at international events again. I want to thank the players and the people behind the organization for believing in me. I will do my best to once again prove that I and the team MYM belong to the very top."

The new MYM lineup will play in Swedish Championship 2010 as well as the next arbalet cup and continue to play at EPS Nordic season III, where the team is currenly ranked dead last, with a 0-2 record.

MYM Roster:

Frej 'kHRYSTAL' Sjöström
Marcus 'zet' Sundstrom
Faruk 'pita' Pita
Emil 'FYRR73' Karlsson
Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson

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