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LANChamp Announce $10,000 Tournament

 LANCHAMP, Chicago, IL -- LANCHAMP.COM has announced that they will be hosting a $10,000 Counter Strike: Source event starting tonight until May 1, when the finals are played live in Chicago.

LANCHAMP will be using an anticheat for the online portion to ensure quality games with teams such as Blight, x3o, Second Nature, and others.

The full press release is below.


New community-driven approach to eSports posts $10,000 prize pool for the top four North American CS:S teams.

Monday, April 12 – LANchamp is proud to announce the launch of LANchamp.com, set to become the online presence of the latest approach to eSports.  Highlighting respected community names such as x3o, Blight and Zomblerz, LANchamp offers a $10,000 prize and has invited 16 of North America’s best Counter-Strike: Source teams to compete for a share. In bracket-style playoffs, the first two rounds will be held online, narrowing the field down to four teams – who will then finish the competition live in Chicago on May 1. Those Final Four teams are guaranteed a share of the pot and a chance to play for a $5,000 top prize.

The action kicked off last night with Immortal 7 versus Blight Canada, and continues tonight with two matches. Top seed x3o faces EoReality at 9:15pm eastern, followed by the headliner of Second Nature vs. Blight Midwest at 10:30pm. All corresponding match information, including SourceTV for spectators, can be found at LANchamp.com.

First-round matches will be held each night this week, Sunday through Thursday, in a sudden-death, single elimination round on the map de_inferno. The second round of eight teams begins next Sunday, April 18, and will be best-of-three maps. All online matches will be held on LANchamp dedicated servers under watch of a private anti-cheat client, LanCHUMP.

The Live Finals will be held at the Ignite Network LAN center in Chicago, IL, providing finalists with quality tournament computers and a relaxed environment for the Final Four teams. Both semifinal and final matches are best-of-three maps, with map choice going to the respective teams in the Finals. LANchamp will choose tiebreaker map, should one be needed.

LANchamp.com will showcase the event in its entirety, using aggressive sports-style journalism and a content-delivery approach new to eSports: Splicing up match demos and creating highlight clips. The concept aims to promote attention around competitive Source by attracting both die-hard and casual enthusiasts alike. Along with providing SourceTVs for live viewing of all competition, LANchamp will use pre-match coverage, post-match highlights and recaps, as well as features designed to get a better look inside the eSports community.

LANchamp is Brian Jerauld, aliased Bob Weaver, and Matt Schapiro, two friends who have enjoyed competitive Source since forming team Checkmate! in the early days of CAL. Jerauld has a degree in journalism in magazine editing, but spent several years writing on the prep sports level. Schapiro is an Internet hero.

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