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ASUS Spring Cup Announced

MOSCOW, RUSSIA -- The seasonal cup in Russia has announced their first event, complete with a huge prize pot, for 2010.

ASUS Cup – a tournament which happens four times a year for each season of the year – has announced the first tournament in the 2010 season. The tournament, which will take place on May 22 to the 23 in Moscow, Russia, will have over $6000 for Counter-Strike 1.6 and over $500 for Quake Live 1v1.

The tournament will begin with a long list of online qualifications which will allow both former champions, and regular players, to qualify for the tournaments in CS1.6 and Quake live.

The tournament will double as a qualifier for the newly launched ESWC.

The top two in Counter-Strike and the top four in Quake Live will be invited to the grand finals which will be held over the summer in Paris, France.


Full Details Below (originally written in Russian):


Zherebevka: Counter-Strike Masters (May 19)
Dates: 22-23 May 2010
Venue: Moscow, Russia
•    Gaming center " Rush3D " (m Vykhino, Khvalinsk Blvd, 7 / 11) ( Map )
Gaming center " Click-Net " (m. Volokolams'ka, Pyatnickoe highway, 9 K.1) ( Map )
Sponsors: company ASUS and Intel
competition organizer: E-sport-portal CyberFight.RU

Gaming disciplines:

Counter-Strike 1.6 5v5 Masters (16 teams) - prize fund 200 000 rubles + hardware + 2 range for the final ESWC Russia *
Sounter-Strike 1.6 5v5 Female Open (8 teams) - prize fund 25 000 rubles + hardware + 1 voucher for the final ESWC 2010 *
DOTA 5v5 Open (32 teams) - prize fund 100 000 rubles + hardware + 1 voucher for the final of ESWC 2010 *
Quake LIVE! (64 players) - prize fund 25 000 rubles + hardware + 4 quota for the final of ESWC Russia *
Warcraft 3 TFT (64 players) - prize fund 25 000 rubles + hardware + 4 quota for the final of ESWC Russia *
FIFA 2010 (64 players) - prize fund 25 000 rubles + hardware + 4 quota for the final of ESWC Russia *
Counter-Strike 1.6 5v5 NoN Profi Open (64 teams) - prize fund 100 000 rubles + hardware

as well

ASUS MOSCOW Spring CS 1.6 Qualifier - prize fund of 25 000RUR

Final prize money: 525 000 rubles + hardware from sponsors (about 125 000 rubles)

* - Based on the results ASUS Open Spring 2010 winners in the women's DotA and Counter-Strike 1.6 will go to the ESWC finals in Paris, and the best players and teams in the disciplines of Quake Live (TOP4), WC3 (TOP4), male CS 1.6 (TOP2) and the FIFA 10 (TOP4) will be candidates for the national team of Russia. Crucial matches for places in the national team will be in a television studio NPKL and will be broadcast live over the IP-TV.
In preparation for the ASUS Spring 2010 is planned to hold formal qualification tournaments for Counter-Strike 1.6. Requests for qualifications can be sent to this address.

ATTENTION regional organizers:

•    Ryder regional organizer

About ASUS

The company ASUS, leader of the new digital age, offers a wide range of products, including notebooks, netbooks, motherboards, video cards, monitors, desktops, servers, wireless solutions, mobile phones and network equipment. All ASUS products are high quality and innovation, they are perfect for the modern home and office. In 2009, ASUS won 3268 awards and has earned universal recognition as the creator of the revolutionary Eee PC ™. In 2009 the turnover of more than 10 thousand employees and highly skilled developers around the world, amounted to 7.5 billion U.S. dollars. ASUS has 12 years in a row is a list of the most successful IT-company InfoTech 100, published weekly Business Week.

About Intel

Intel, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually improve the quality of life and improve their working methods. Additional information about Intel is available at the Web-sitehttp://www.intel.com/pressroom , as well as the Russian-language Web-server of Intel: http://www.intel.ru . About Intel programs in eSports can be found athttp://www.intel.ru/gaming

A series of ASUS Open

ASUS Open - a series of major kibersportivnyh tournament, which has become traditional and gathers the best players in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus every three months. ASUS Open recognized as the official tournament in the whole world and its results for the world's gaming-community. This is reflected in numerous publications in online and print press and attention the game community.
In Russia, ASUS Open series has a good reputation and is recognized by the confidence of gamers who gladly participated in the actions of ASUS and its partners - Russia's largest eSport-Portal Cyberfight.Ru | Cyberfight.Org.
Starting in January 2003 successfully held on 28 stages ASUS Open, each of which was held on certain eSport-disciplines.

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