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Evil Geniuses will Attend IOL

American Evil Geniuses will be attending the Inferno Online League's third LAN playoffs.

According to Inferno Online Leagues's website, American giant Evil Geniuses have been invited to attend Inferno Online's second playoffs, which aare the culmination of the events online season.

Inferno Online is known for inviting top tier teams, and top tier reform teams, to their events, like SK-Gaming, Fnatic, an SK2003 reform and MiBR, where they will compete with some of the newer Swedish talent in the tournament.

They will be competing for over $6000, which will be paid out in euros.

This will be the first time that an American team has been invited to the tournament.

If they win the event they will be able to compete in the championship final where they will face off with teams like SK-Gaming, fnatic, who were was voted in by fragbite.se as a wild card, and two more teams who will qualify at a later date.

IOL teams list:

 eucalyptus - flwstEr, revel, skytten
 strangers - BJOERN, doomi, validus, zyNd, ebot
 Evil Geniuses - goodfornothing, Storm, n0thing, fRoD, lurppis
 Swecon- zodiak, neogen, skrff, jhonnyj, relik
 dwtr - manw, vilander, r0lf, jolle, funqy
 novamania - DrillaN vuggo ezki Cool1awp
 the bats punkt- eksem emilio shabi lillshabi jozic
 Lanpangarna - niwen, ernesto, zedar, rause
 quickpoint - awwe doit pyth quix
 2easy4 - xektor, monch, vision, blizker1, aleex
 brend - givar, plyfa, rdl, frisken, berra
 combo: neron,zeiz,beez,zeki,appo
 Online-Kingdom - kallehell, KORN, reasten, neverlast, pekky
 Begrip - godlike jaegarn fnazze xeron azl
 coldgame - madsevl bnd twice domiNate maektig
 RumNCoke - des kHRiLL laxenn miWe demy
 gamingplace - spozy, mono, zunzet, bassets, brownie
 spotify - max_payne spixo zonti poke feddan
 magicninjas - kye, alistair, kn0x, ch1pi
 drömvinsten - akown zoddi paL realisten
 Frost - Reeze, Chooki, jaroO, dREAD, j0kkee
 p0dCatZ - cON7TR4Y fizzy JT
 Fritzfezt - dioz GTS rad dec prozkh
 the nordic insects - heniz,windzki,fidzki,magica,micra

Source: http://cup.infernoonline.com/news/view/64

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