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CEVO Professional Playoffs into Round 2

CEVO, one of the most prestigious leagues in North America, has reached the second round of their professional playoffs.

With complexity, EG, loaded and Graffiti in the upper bracket and HRG (Sway Gaming) and newcomers Vicious competing in the lower bracket, you're sure that some great games are still left to be played.

First in the upper bracket you have one of the most anticipated games in Counter Strike.

Since the release of the former coL lineup, many have wondered if the new roster can compete with the organizations biggest rival, EG. In the second round of the upper bracket we will see if they can, as the two giant organizations meet.

On the other half of the bracket we have a rematch from ESEA Invite LAN Finals, where Graffiti, the former excello roster, sent the Loaded roster to the lower bracket as well as out of the tournament later on.  

Now, with Graffiti without a sponsor, and Loaded getting a reboot with a west coast lineup, we will see if the results are the same.

The losers from these matches will meet up with HRG and Vicious-Gaming.

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