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DKT to Retire After QuakeCon

DKT, a staple in the Counter Strike, Quake and the Unreal Tournamet scenes has decided to retire after QuakeCon in August.

In a recent blog for his current team CompLexity, Brian “dkt” Flander announced that he will be retiring from eSports after Quakecon 2010.

DKT, at the age of 27, has been gaming for 10 straight years, and has been a top player in 6 different games including Painkiller, Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament 99, Quake 3, Quake 4 and Quake Live.

“I'd say 10 years is a pretty good run," he stated in his blog on Complexitygaming.com. "My accolades are basically average. Usually a top 5-12 finisher in every game I've played. I can consistently say I was one of the top 5-16 players in the world, at any game I played, at any time. I think that is something to hold your head up high about considering the tens of thousands of people I've competed against.”

His original plan to go into some form of eSports management, however being “a pioneer in product endorsements, brand development, and professional gaming with 10 years of experience, isn't qualified enough, or can't find a job in the eSport industry,” he said.

He concludes that “I'm still "pro" and I'm still planning on kicking ass at QuakeCon, make no mistake. But it will be the end of an era…”

Many know DKT from his endorsement deals similar to those like fatal1ty, or from the Championship Gaming Series, where he was a manager for the Chicago Chimera, the winners of the first season of CGS.

Source:  CompLexity Gaming

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