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WOGL and Edgecast Partner

The World Online Gaming League  announce a partnership with EdgeCast.

The World Online Gaming League – an upcoming league with CoDMW2, Combat Arms and AVA tournaments – has announced their partnership with one of the leading content delivery providers, EdgeCast, as they partner in streaming media for WOGL.tv.

This will create more streams for the league, allowing them to get much needed sponsors.

Stephen Tucker, WOGL's President and CEO stated that:

“This is going to be huge for WOGL.TV viewers around the world. The ability for us to partner with a great company like EdgeCast and deliver you streaming video to the closest available server to your location is going to make a huge difference in our ability to provide great live events to our players, partners and customers. We are looking forward to working closely with EdgeCast to continue bringing you the ultimate eSports experience.”

Brent Matschke, EdgeCast's Director of Marketing:

“We are very excited to partner with WOGL and boost the global reach and speed of their competitive online gameplay site. EdgeCast's strategic global points of presence, our content management tools and unlimited scalability are perfectly suited for delivering a high-speed and thrilling gaming experience.”


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