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Angel Munoz Enters The Fray

Angel Munoz gives his feedback on the series of blogs by former CPL agent Tonya Welch on the compLexity website.

Angel Munoz, the president and CEO of New World Media, the original owners of the CPL brand, has given his feedback on the recent string of articles which have been posted on complexity's website. He states on his formspring.me account that:

“Who cares if the private company that acquired the CPL was from Abu Dhabi, Seychelles or China? During the acquisition discussions I was not told that the investors were from Abu Dhabi, just that the investment company would be incorporated there; and that the investors required privacy as part of the transaction. I had no issues with that.”

He goes on to state that:

“Has the new CPL been making the payments owed to us as part of the acquisition? The answer is yes. This is important because within the last year the purchase price has increased significantly due to the final acquisition of the CAL brand, the inclusion of an extended licensing agreement, the purchase of our last 10% interest in CPL and the addition of other related assets.”

He later adds that the new owners, without naming who they are, have made a real financial commitment to him and his partners and that the final transaction will take place later this summer.

Source:  Angel Munoz Formspring.me Account

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quote#1 US peawok 06/04/2010 - 21:43:53
Just so sad...

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