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Estars 2010 Announced

The fourth year of eStars has been announced, taking place in Korea with $102,975 on the line.

eStars – one of the biggest international eSports events – has announced their fourth annual event. Estars is one of the few invite only tournaments, and one of the fewer Korean events which holds a extremely prestigious non-StarCraft tournament. The fourth event will start on the 13rd of August  and end on the 15th.

The 2010 event will be much like last years where two separate events will be held for both Counter-Strike 1.6 and WarCraft 3.

The first event is the intercontinental cup, which the two games will be faced with the same challenge.  A deathmatch will occur where each side, featuring three teams, or players for WarCraft 3, will play in a similar style to Starcraft's team aspect where they will compete against one and the winner will play the next team or player in the order.

The second game type will be a standard tournament group play with the team with the best record  winning the event. Last year the East team won after a split 1:1 in Counter Strike and the WC3 players sweept their western rivals 2:0, winning the event for the east overall.

The second tournament will be the “king of the game” tournament where after a three team groupstage, the tournament will go into bracket play much like that of WCG, IEM and ESWC.

Last year eStars handed out one of the biggest prize pots of $102,975, however the prize for the King of the Game was significantly less than the prize for the Team tournament.

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quote#1 US peawok 07/04/2010 - 00:42:21
should be a good event! :)

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