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Tonya, CompLexity Release More on CPL Conspiracy

DALLAS, TX – CompLexity Gaming and former CPL agent Tonya Welch release more information into the CPL conspiracy, explaining the CPL’s affiliations with CAL in Part 2 and more on WSVG and CPL, as well as Mr. Valencia, in Part 3.

Only days ago, Tonya Welch released information on how there was never a Middle Eastern investment group for the “new” Cyber Professional League.  Instead, Scott Valencia, who many now believe to be a shady individual, has been running the league since purchasing it and its subsidiary league, the Cyber Athlete Amateur League.

You can read all about that blog here.

This time, Tonya and CompLexity have released information about the World Series of Video Games and Mr. Valencia and companies plans to go over his head and to DirecTV for a deal.

“Meanwhile, DirecTV had approached WSVG and offered to partner with the league – they would broadcast content from the league’s tournaments,” Tonya stated in her blog.

“We were told that WSVG asked for too much money to agree to this partnership, though I don’t know if this is true. So Mr. Valencia hatched a plan to go around Matt Ringel and speak to DirecTV himself, offering to bring his ‘world-famous’ operations crew to help DirecTV launch its own league. He had a meeting with us (me, Justin Blanchard and Nick Hale), at the London event in October of 2006 and told us that he was going to make a deal with DirecTV that would take care of us.”

Tonya also discusses Matt Ringel as an individual, citing that he had a “general fascination” for the competitive gamers.

“For the record, Matt Ringel was a good man who had good intentions toward gamers. He was stuck in a bad position because he wanted to court the traditional gamer but needed the investment interest that came from mainstream gaming. In the end it didn't work, but there was no greed or malice on the part of Matt Ringel. To me it seemed he had a genuine fascination with you all, and he only wanted good things for you.”

Tonya’s most interesting area was her story about Scott Valencia and the Championship Gaming Series, who she worked with roughly until the company went under.

In her story, Tonya states that Scott Valencia lied to her about a conversation with Andy Reif on the integrity of the league.  Teams were being treated unfairly due to their lack of appeal on television; those that had the appeal for television were the ones that would be placed ahead of the others, with better a better and easier road to the finals and other perks.

Tonya later talked with Andy Reif and Scott Valencia about the event.

Here is part of her account:

“Later that day, and after the last match had already started, Mr. Reif, Mr. Valencia and I were all sitting at a table and the subject came up again. Andy asked me what had happened (as if Mr. Valencia had never even discussed it with him) and I recounted the story to him. He responded by telling me that I had been right all along and that I should have kept pushing the issue until the right teams were playing each other.”

“It was then that I realized that either Mr. Valencia had never discussed the situation with Mr. Reif, or that he had given him incomplete information to sway Mr. Reif’s decision to keep the schedule as written.”

“Mr. Valencia and I argued after this, and he apologized, admitting that he had presented things to Mr. Reif in a way that made him agree with Mr. Valencia’s opinion. I, of course, accepted his apology and told myself that one lie did not discount all of the "good" he had done for me. But it rested in the back of my mind.”

You can read the whole blog on the CompLexity website, linked here.

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Scary to think how only a few men have so much power in eSports..

quote#2 CA rhys 06/04/2010 - 14:29:17

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