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Loaded Finalize Roster

Loaded announce three new players after losing two to complexity and one to inactivity.

Loaded, a team that recently placed third at the ESEA Invite Finals, has announced their new lineup featuring two veteran players Ryan “phamtastik” Pham and Shaun “hostile” Catron who have been known for their play in United 5 in 2005-2006 where they went their separate ways.

Catron continued 1.6 with EG, eMg, Gravitas and others, while Pham decided to move to the Championship Gaming Series and play Source, where he played on EFG, the San Francisco OPTX and others before returning to 1.6 for a brief time with the C3 with Anthony "djibouti" Manosca before returning to source again.

To finish up the roster they have added Tyler “wilson” Wilson who has played with Paul "Adrenaline" Baker in Grid05, PoV and others before they also split apart and went there separate ways, Baker going to loaded and Wilson going to the new MoB lineup, where he was dropped before it could go to a single event.

Team Captain  Anthony "djibouti" Manosca told Goloaded.com that:

“I chose these three because I wanted players that our whole team knew and had chemistry with already and we've all been playing with each other off and on for a very long time now. Not many people remember but, Ryan Pham, and I won that compLexity Challenge thing a year ago. This time, I've stepped down from calling and we are letting hostile do it. My role will be centered around fragging while the more experienced players make the calls."

He is confident in the teams ability to be highly competitive, due to them being local with one another.

This team is ready to give 110%, and since we're all local, we don't have to travel much to bootcamp. As a west coast team, we have the chance to play a lot together through the west coast LAN circuit that's popping up. I think that puts us in a unique position as opposed to other teams that can only play online for the majority of the season. I'd like to give a thanks to our sponsor, Thermaltake, and to management for keeping us around."

New player Tyler "wilson" Wilson added that:

“"I feel confident that with a lot of practice our team can perform well at some big LAN tournaments. I was originally approached by Anthony, having played a lot with Anthony, Ryan and being on past teams with Paul and Shawn I thought this would be a good fit for me. Knowing that Loaded takes care of their teams and having a solid lineup should contribute to an interesting near future."

Loaded 1.6 Roster:

  Ryan "phamtastik" Pham
  Tyler "wilson" Wilson
  Shaun "hostile" Catron
  Paul "Adrenaline" Baker
  Anthony "djibouti" Manosca

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