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Former CPL Agent: There was Never a Middle Eastern Group

Former CPL/WSVG/CGS agent Tonya Welch comes out about the new CPL.

Tonya Welch – known for her work in the management staff in the CPL, WSVG and the CGS alongside Scott Valencia and others – has come out to talk about her time with the CGS and the organization that has become the new CPL.

She came to Complexity Gaming with a massive confession, outing both Scott Valencia and the other “partners” of the new CPL, along with stating that the old owners never gave up their voting share, and instead will be hands on with the new management.


One of the most shocking moments in the text is this:

“All of this led up the the first outright lie that was propagated regarding the purchase of the CPL. There was NEVER a middle-eastern investment group from Abu Dhabi behind the purchase of the CPL. It was 100%, from beginning to end, a complete LIE, with every intention to deceive the owners of the CPL brand (at least, the other three partners were told the owners were included in this lie), the gamers, the potential investors, and the people at CGS. Here are the purposes, as they were described to me, that this lie served.”

The plan described by her for the new CPL is this:

“Mr. Valencia and Mr. Yong had no real goal for the CPL other than to build it up as a social networking kind of business that centered on pro gaming, then SELL IT OFF TO THE HIGHEST BUYER in 2 years or less. I knew from the beginning that this would be the eventual outcome, but some of the others and I wanted to really build it into something wonderful for the gamers, and - even when it was sold off - keep it going.”

Apparently this will be a part of a series, as she plans to talk on CAL some time later this year.

Source: CompLexity Gaming

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quote#1 US peawok 02/04/2010 - 22:37:39
Crazy news... and rather ridiculous... things like this are what drive me to build new things for eSports.. and this is no different

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