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Insider eSports Game Changes

INSIDER ESPORTS -- After careful thought and consideration, Insider eSports will be taking a new route.  We will be dropping all of our current games to go to the best platform in history, the Nintendo 64.

First released in 1996, the Nintendo 64 broke new ground for Nintendo and video games as a whole.  Competitive gaming, with the likes of Goldeneye, began. Who would win, the older, more experienced brother or his twelve year old sister playing as James Bond who -- as we all know -- can never die?

"It will be great covering Goldeneye," said Michael 'peawok' Fleming, owner of Insider eSports. "I'll always remember losing the coin toss on first choice of character.  And of course I'd lose Oddjob!"

The birth of competitive gaming... Reborn!

Insider eSports will also be adding several other games, notably Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Brothers and Conkers Bad Fur Day, the D-Day version, of course.  Pokemon Stadium 2 is also being discussed as our most likely addition.

"It will be hard deciding which game to cover," stated Forrest "variables" Campbell, Insider eSports Head Coverage Writer.  "Conkers Bad Fur Day is pretty beast.  Go teddies!!!"

The dualies are now a useful gun!!
 There is no word just yet on what leagues or teams Insider eSports will cover.  However, rumor has it that Kyle "ksharp" Miller may be making a return with the Goldeneye sniper rifle.  CompLexity and EG have also been rumored to be picking up Mario Kart 64.
"This is a great idea for Insider eSports," Phil "aGent" Wise, Insider eSports' Version 1 former developer said.  "Pokemon Stadium 2 is a great game and I hope that they add that as well."
Insider eSports will have more updates as they come.  As a treat, however, Insider eSports has released this video to show what we plan to do.

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quote#1 US peawok 01/04/2010 - 20:02:57
important changes that just had to be made... please watch the video.. i explain more there

quote#2 CA rhys 02/04/2010 - 22:38:01
perfect move.

try beating me at SSB or Star Fox, just try it...

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