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Complexity Get Loaded; Three Players Return

DALLAS, TEXAS -- CompLexity has signed a new Counter Strike 1.6 team to their organization, featuring many former CompLexity members.

Complexity, one of the two North American G7 teams, has announced a new roster for the remainder of the 2010 year.

Three players have returned to the team, likely due to their successful run at Dreamhack Winter.

Derek “dboorN” Boorn and Thomas “thoMz” Garcia, who were released with the previous lineup, as well as Jeff “hero” Mettatal, who had been released in December due to work priorities.

To finalize the roster they have acquired two Loaded players; David “xp3” Garrido of NSU, eMg, Demension 4 and various other French rosters has joined the roster, as well as another former complexity player, Scott “evolution” Cavallero.

Cavallero was a compLexity player during their dominance of North America in the early summer of 2009. He has also played with Gravitas, Turmoil, Evil Geniuses, Loaded, and finally MoB Gaming.

“I’m really excited to represent coL in the future.," said David “xp3” Garrido, in an exclusive interview with HLTV.org. "I hope to bring them some good titles.  coL has been around and on top for so many years now I hope I can make them stay there for a while.”
CompLexity did not comment on what they will do for WCG, which Garrido cannot enter.
Complexity Roster: 
  Derek "dboorN" Boorn
  Thomas "thoMz" Garcia
  Scott "evolution" Cavallero
  Jeff "hero" Mettatal
  David "xp3" Garrido

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