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ESEA Announces Season 6

ESEA has announced a new season with a $50,000 prize purse; their sixth in little over a year.

The eSports Entertainment Association, the fastest growing league in North America, has announced its sixth season.

Along with simply continuing their service, it also has announced that it will increase its prize pot from an already large $45,000 divided in between three games to $50,000 between them.

They will also continue to host LAN events as well as expanding the LAN playoffs to the top four of the Counter Strike 1.6 main season. This will be the first time that a LAN playoff has been held for a teams below the top six in the nation.

And those who register before the April 2nd deadline will be able to buy premium at the current rate of $6 before it increases to $6.95.

Key Changes From Season 5 to Season 6:

- Increased prize pot from $45,000 to $50,000
- 1.6 Main final four, in addition to all Invite division playoffs, to be played on LAN
- New Source Main division
- Final spot in each Invite division will be selected by the community (more info soon)
- All Invite teams will be limited to a roster of 5 starters (6 for TF2) plus 2 reserves and 1 manager
- All Invite teams will be limited to 4 roster additions (5 for TF2) during the entire season
- Post-season roster lock will now go into effect 2 weeks before the end of the regular season
- Match overturns will be recorded separately from forfeit losses in regards to a team being marked dead
- Increased number of League servers on new hardware to ease scheduling availability

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quote#1 US peawok 25/03/2010 - 07:53:54
very nice work by esea.

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