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Zyppe out, Hyvlarn in for H2K

Only two weeks into their tenure with the organization H2K makes a roster change.

H2k Gaming has made a roster change after two weeks with their current roster. If you recall, the roster lost three key players a little over two weeks ago to Begrip, including Spawn, Snajdan, and Tentpole.

Samuel "Zyppe" Martinsson, who had played with the team previously, has been released due to his lack of motivation and lack of dedication, as can be displayed by their disappointing finish at the latest Inferno Online League finals.

To replace him they have picked up a younger player from Playzone, Jon "hyvlarn" Edelsvärd.

Team manager Richard "Xizt" Landström explained the roster change:

"After the big disappointments at IOL Zyppe lost his motivation to practice and become greater as a team. We feel really sad to replace Samuel since he is a great guy and we have shared lots of joy and laughs since we started playing with eachother, but this is something we had to do since our goal is to be the best team out there.

We are happy to announce our new player: Jon "hyvlarn" Edelsvärd, he's one of the biggest talents out there at the moment and every time we have played his team it’s the guy we've feared the most, it just feels great having him on our side for once. Our first event with the new lineup will be The Gathering at the end of March."

New Team member Jon "hyvlarn" Edelsvärd told H2K-gaming.eu that:

"I am very pleased to join such an organization as H2K and take my gaming onto the next level. Along with H2K I also team up with some of my old mates who I've always wanted to play with again. But leaving Playzone wasn't an easy choice at all. I wish all the best luck to my teammates and Playzone-Gaming."

H2k Gaming would like to thank Samuel for his time and wish him the best of luck for the future.

H2k Gaming Roster:

Andre "BARBARR" Möller
Danny "pop" Oldenburg
Markus "pronax" Wallstenen
Richard "Xizt" Landström
Jon “hyvlarn” Edelsvärd 

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