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Begrip with Another New Team

SWEDEN -- The Begrip organization have created yet another new roster with Fredrik "JAEGARN" Andersson at the helm.

Begrip have been known to lose and gain organizations repeatedly over the past few months, with their latest going to H2k Gaming about a month back.

Now, Begrip has once again gone out and with the support of leader Fredrik "JAEGARN" Andersson, have created yet another team with players Max "azl" Höög, Per "fnazze" Höglund, David "godlike" Livmar and Daniel "rape" Borzsonyi.

Well me and JAEGARN started to talk about playing together, we talked about it but it didn't actually happen anything," Daniel "rape" Borzsonyi told HLTV.org.

"Then about some weeks after we agreed we should fix some players and start a team, nothing deadly serious but serious. We started to look for players and since fredde (JAEGARN) has a bigger contact list then me, he fixed azl and then azl fixed fnazze. Later on we had to have our last player so I talked to everybody I have a good mate that is really good in game, and then we found godlike (David) and we just felt it was a great chemistry between us."

The team will attend Copenhagen Games April 1-4 and be playing in the Swedish qualifier for ESL Pro Series Nordic.

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