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First Seven WCG Games Announced

The World Cyber Games have announced the first seven games for their 2010 event.

The World Cyber Games, often referred to as the Olympics of Video Games, have announced the first seven titles for their 2010 season, with five games returning from 2009.

Counter-Strike 1.6, Warcraft 3, TrackMania Nations Forever, Carom 3D and finally Guitar Hero 5 all are once again listed for the event.

A notable game which is missing is StarCraft, one of WCG’s most popular games. This could be due to the fact that Starcraft 2 is right around the corner, as it is already in beta stages, and WCG doesn't want to stick to a game which all the competition has already move away from.

WCG may add StarCraft 2 or StarCraft at a later date.

A new fighter in Tekken 6 has been added to the lineup, which has been dominated by Koreans during its long history as a competitive title.

The promotional title for this year’s event has been chosen as Lost Saga, developed by IO Interactive.

Hyoung-Seok Kim, President and CEO of the WCG told their website that:

"We are bringing WCG gamers the world's most popular titles across every genre in competitive gaming today. WCG values gamer feedback and we have determined that the announced titles are among the most popular and challenging titles available today. We are excited to unveil the first games for the 2010 Grand Final and we look forward to another exciting year of competition to crown the best players in the world."

WCG 2010 will be the third time that a WCG Grand Finals has been held in America, the first two times in Seattle and San Francisco respectively.

More games may be added to the World Cyber Games, with StarCraft 2 or StarCraft: Broodwar as well as Quake Live two likely contenders to be added.

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