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Postgame - Excello Takes Down CompLexity 16-12

Excello has beaten CompLexity 16-12 in CEVO.  Shadowz^ provides a full recap of the game.

Written by: Ryan "shadowz^" Beaulieu



Complexity: Thomz, Ninespot, Irukandji, Impulsive, Dboorn
Excello: cj_b, Lim, hazard, Pauly, Mantis

First Half: 14-1
Second Half: 11-2
Final: 16-12 Excello


Coming into tonight's match, many had concerns about Complexity. A team that had a mediocre ESEA Invite season that left them with a 10-6 record that left them with a number 4 ranking. Let it be known that the fifth and sixth seeds also finished with 10-6 record as well.

Another growing concern was that earlier in the ESEA season, Complexity was 3-5 and seemingly out of the playoff picture. Recent losses to Team EG with scores of 16-3 in ESEA and 16-1 in CEVO got many asking if Complexity was really still an elite team in North America. Tonight set the stage for Complexity to show everyone that they are still one of the best but sorely fell short. If you read the box scores you would have thought this was a great game. Final score showed Excello winning 16-12 on de_inferno. But the score was very miss leading.

Excello opened up tonight's match on CT side and they dominated, picking up the pistol round  and the two Complexity eco rounds that followed. In Complexity's first buy round they tried a slow push on the A bomb site. Cj_b picked up two kills in apartments while Pauly picked up two more jungle side of mid bringing the round to a close. The next round showed Complexity going on a buy and taking the B bombsite behind Irukandji's three kills. However, with bomb planted and numbers in their advantage, Complexity managed to give the round right back as both Lim and Hazard picked up two kills a piece retaking the bombsite and defusing.

Complexity would drop the next several rounds until we reached round ten. Having almost pulled off a four man apartment rush the round before, Complexity decided to try it again only this time they had much more success. They rode the back of Thomz who picked three kills in the round to pick up their first and only round of the half.

Throughout the entire first half everyone on Excello played extremely well and didn't rely on any one person. Someone different was stepping up each round. In round twelve Complexity really seemed to fall aprt on a B rush which had Mantis and Pauly picking up two kills each while Impulsive of Complexity Tked Thomz which really summed up the first half. A disappointing half for Complexity.

The start of the second half seemed to completely change and seemed almost as if we were about to witness one of the biggest comebacks of the 2010 season. Being down 14-1 at half, Complexity desperately needed to open up in the pistol round. And that they did.

Excello pushed middle on a semi rush which quickly got haulted giving Complexity that pistol and eco rounds that follow. The fourth round was a huge round for Complexity as it looked as if Excello had A bombsite under control as they pushed middle grabbing a pick and began to enter A bombsite from apartment side. Impulsive, who struggled in the first half, sat patiently in library and picked up a double awp kill as Excello entered the site. He picked up two more kills to win the round leaving him with four kills for the round. Complexity rode that momentum until the eighth round where Excello stole and planted bombsite A. 

It eventually got down to a 2 v 1 situation with Impulsive being all by himself. He picked up the initial kill and Hazard, sitting in pit with 8 hp, missed the kill on Impulsive when he had his back turned but managed to use the boxes surrounding pit to pick up the kill and the round for Excello. With Excello sitting on match point, Complexity needed to play mistake free for the rest of the half. The next round had Irukandji stepping up big with three kills at the B Bombsite to win the round. Two rounds later he came up even bigger with four kills cementing the round.

Round thirteen of the half exposed a huge mistake by Complexity. They rotated out their players at B and kept one player playing CT spawn watching B, allowing Excello to enter the site with ease and close out the match.

Tonight's victory for Excello proves that their number two seed in ESEA Invite was not a fluke, but that they are an up and coming organization that can compete with the best. Complexity on the other hand, will have to face massive questions as to whether or not they are the team they think they are.

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