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Burning Buys ex-Millenium Team


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Burning Buys ex-Millenium Team

The little known eSports organization, Burning, has bought out the former millenium squad.

Burning, a new eSports organization from France, has sponsored the former Millenium squad which had great success at both DreamHack events as well as WCG.

 Gildas "gildas cante, told eSportsfrance that:

“The month just ended proved to be fraught with pitfalls, but we are now pleased to announce our arrival at Burning! The team is preparing for the return of Cologne and will be presented next week at Mont-de-Marsan to take part in the Atomic Re-SO, and all possible major events of the second half of the season. Burning to thank you for welcoming us and Qpad and Titan Poker support us. We also warmly thank Monty and Zazie for all they have done for us.”

Burning now has:

Guillaume "Geno" Ntep
Mahe "mahe" Martin
Gear "MAJ3R" Kupeli
Rassen "Rara" Abdou
Christopher "SIXERS" Xia  

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