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coL vs. Excello in CEVO Tonight

February 18, 2010 – Complexity (3-1) heads into action tonight against Excello (2-1) on de_inferno.

Written by: Ryan "shadowz^" Beaulieu

Both teams are considered to be top North American teams and are sitting third and fourth place respectively early in this CEVO season. Tonight's match up will certainly be a statement game for both teams who are trying to find their identity.

Complexity has had a roller coaster 2010 calender year thus far with the departure of Jeff “Hero” Mettetal and a rough ESEA regular season in which they found themselves finishing fourth with a mediocre 10-6 record.

Excello, on the other hand, is having themselves a great 2010 year so far. They have finished the ESEA regular season ranked second with a 13-3 record and are looking to continue that success tonight against Complexity.

The match is set to begin at 9:00 pm EST and HLTV can be found in both #complexity and #excello just before the game starts. Keep it locked here at Insider Esports for the post game wrap up.

Projected Lineups:

Complexity: dBoorn, Irukandji, impulsive, Ninespot, Thomz
Excello: cJ_B, Hazard, pauLy, Lim, Jstone


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