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MYM Completes Roster

MYM has finished their roster by raiding H2K-Gaming.

MYM, which has been left with only four men since they dropped Andreas 'moddii' Fridh due to his erratic temper stopping him from performing up to his potential, have finalized their roster with the help of H2K-Gaming.

MYM have been playing with ringers, including a Danish player at the Intel Extreme Masters European Championship, and in all their matches in league play.

MYM has found their fifth man by acquiring H2K-Gaming member Emil 'FYRR73' Karlsson which has been seen as one of the strongest young stars not signed to a top three team.

This leaves H2K-Gaming with only three players since Rasmus "Gux" Stahl was acquired by Sk-Gaming.  Abdisamad “SpawN” Mohamed, Mattias “Snajdan” Andersen and Kristoffer “Tentpole” Nordlund remain for H2K.

“I’m really happy to join MYM. I know all players before and we have had so much fun together both inside and outside the game,” says Emil “FYRR73” Karlsson.

“I look forward to playing with these guys 2010 and I think with some time we will compete at the highest level! Last but not least i want to thank the MYM management and their sponsors PUMA, Chieftec and especially Razer for the upcoming support!"

“Emil is a great guy and player, so I'm really satisfied with having him on our team,” stated Jimmy 'Jumpy' Berndtsson, captain of the team. “Now we have two of the best AWPers and I think that will boost our CT-sides that we've been struggling with. It's a new year and now it's time to show everyone what we can and will do."


MYM Roster:

Jimmy 'Jumpy' Berndtsson
Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson
Faruk 'pita' Pita
Marcus 'zet' Sundström
Emil 'FYRR73' Karlsson

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