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coL vs. Dynamic CEVO Recap - Feb. 17 2010

Shadowz^ gives a recap of the CompLexity vs. Dynamic match last night for CEVO.

Written by: Ryan "shadowz^" Beaulieu


Complexity: Lateralus, dboorn, Ninespot, thoMz, Irukandji
Dynamic: Larrykthx, projeckt, Aim, Brun, Keefstar

First Half: 11-4
Second Half: 5-2
Final Score: 16-6

Complexity and Dynamic faced off last night on de_inferno for week 3 in the CEVO season. These two teams met last week on de_train in the final week of ESEA play, where Complexity took the match with ease 16-1.

Tonight, not much was different.

Dynamic started the match on the right foot following a strong pistol round by Brun, Dynamic jumped out to an early 3-0 but struggled for the rest of the half. Irukandji started the Complexity wave by picking up 3 kills in the forth round to set the team in motion.

Complexity breezed through the half easily as it seemed every other round Dynamic was deagle saving. Pushing into the eleventh round it seemed that Dynamic had a chance to pick up another round. Keefstar picked up two big frags and had planted the bomb A.

However, Thomz came into site and picked up the kill and the defuse. The next round posed a similar situation. Aim was put in a 3v1 situation with the bomb on his back. He picked up two kills at the bottom of banana and rushed into an empty B bomb site. Aim decided it would be best to push through the site to CT spawn and try to plant A.

Thomz, being the final member of Complexity, went on the flack and pushed middle. Realizing the bomb should have been planted by now, he quickly rotated up middle and caught an off guard Aim trying to plant the bomb. Finally, Dynamic was able to pick up another round with a quick push on the B bombsite. Brun opened the site up with two kills to empty the site and allow a bomb plant. Keefstar added two kills to defend the bomb and win the round. The half would however end with a Complexity win and the half ended 11-4.


The second half opened well for Dynamic again as they picked up pistol round with Keefstar and Projeckt picking up 2k's a piece. The second round seemed promising for Complexity as they rushed B bombsite and got in and planted bomb.

However, Keefstar picked up 3 kills on the rotation and the defuse to pick up the second round. With the bomb plant, Complexity went on the buy for the third round. Irukandji and Ninespot picked up two kills each and sent Dynamic on a save round for the fourth. Round five opened with the teams being 2-2 in the second half. Irukandji stepped up big this round picking up a 4k which pitted him in a 1v1 with Brun with the bomb planted in the A bombsite.

This round again sent Dynamic on another save round putting Complexity on game point. In the final round, Complexity took the A bombsite with ease and left Projeckt in a 3v1. All three members tried knifing Projeckt but no one had success. Projeckt killed them all with the awp but died while defusing without a kit to send Complexity to a 16-6 victory.


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