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AGAiN to Frag eXecutors

AGAiN find a new sponsor in the Polish organization, Frag eXecutors.

AGAiN – also known as Pentagram, ex-MYM, vitriolic and wicked – have had almost another half year without a real sponsor.

In that time they managed to placed first at the biggest event of the year, the World Cyber Games, and play well at every other event that they played in, given their lack of sponsorship.

However their search for a sponsorship is finally over, as they have officially found a new sponsor in Polish organization Frag eXecutors, making it the first time they have been sponsored by a Polish organization in almost three years.

Team captain Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas told the Frag Executors website that:

“I'm overjoyed that after a tough year of 2009 we have finally found a home. The thing that makes me most happy is the fact that we will once again be able to represent a Polish organization which will hopefully improve communication and help us outline common goals for the future.”

Frag Executors manager Adrian Witkowski added that:

“The finalization of our talks with the players from the Golden 5 wouldn't be possible without gaining our main investor, the company one2tribe. We are very proud that we were able to contract the World Champions in Frag eXecutors.”

Now the two time ESWC and WCG champions have a home in what appears to be a stable organization.

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