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LowLandLions Finds New 1.6 Team

LowLandLions finds a new 1.6 in a mix of Belgian and Dutch players.

LowLandLions, the premier team in the Benelux region, has come back to 1.6 for another year with a new team, featuring both Dutch and Belgian players. The only two players to stay on from the last line have been Decio “deci” Pinto and Ivan “apollo” Wuddhisukhum.

To complete the lineup, they have added three Dutchmen, Ferdi “xire” Senel, from their inactive roster, as well as Jamie “Luosrevo” Lammers and Ferdi “ferrid” van Leewen from CNO-gaming and Shadows, respectively.

The team will also have a new manager in Danny "Chasin" Momberg, who will help the team with practices and focus as well as making sure that the team is playing to their potential.

"We are delighted to welcome a new and motivated team in our midst,” said Danny “Chasin” Momberg.

“With this team LowLandLions fills a final gap in our team-portfolio. By adding rather big Benelux players we assured ourselves of a group of people that will be able to outstand the Benelux and stand up against international competition. We are looking forward to it."

Core player Decio “Deci” Pinto adds that:

“After having probed many different players and having many line-ups it was safe to say xire, Apollo and myself were a solid core to LowLandLions. We felt that if we would find 2 players with the same mindset, ambitions and goals as us, we could go far. After contacting Ferrid and having a huge conversation about how he sees CS and what he wanted to do with it and in which way, we couldn't hesitate about taking him in.”

“We knew we couldn't just take a random fifth and hope the team would go well, it HAD to be a player who would fit in, wanting the same as the rest of the team. Luosrevo's name popped up a few times, and after having seen a picture of him, we just KNEW we had to have this guy in our team :D, no seriously it's been a long time since I've had a team with 5 players wanting the same, not argueing with each other and respecting each other. This team feels good, really good."

LowLandLions CS 1.6 Team:

Decio "Deci" Pinto
Ivan "Apollo" Wuddhisukhum
Ferdi "xire" Senel
Jamie "Luosrevo" Lammers
Ferdi "Ferrid" van Leeuwen

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