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French Giants aAa Return with New 1.6

After a year without a team, French legend aAa reveal their new 1.6 squad.

Against All Authority, better known as aAa, have revealed their new CS team, one which they hope will allow them to return to their former glory.

The team features Jerome “Heuke” Bassat as captain, Philip “faculty” Rodier, Remi “instanz” Poilbanc, Olivier “eternalz” Metge and Fabian “atlantis” Beguirand.


“It is with undisguised pleasure that today we welcome players of the team eSports-Eu: they are as talented as it is pleasant to be around, and for returning a tag that has scored more than n ' matter what other sport in France electronically, he needed this,” Vincent “Coucouoeuf” Bailleul, president of aAa, said.

“I thank very warmly ASUS gives us confidence but also all those who contributed directly or indirectly to this approximation, the players of course, but also Rican and Sunscorcher. aAa.cs is indeed back!”

New team captain, Jerome "Heuke" Bassat, was also excited about the team’s addition.

“I remember my first big lan (the Atomic Re-SO 2005). At the time we played aAa during the group phase (Kara ScariuM, MaT, JoN1oP, Zato) and I was very happy but also proud to play this team. I was also envious of the players. It is with great pleasure that today we take the torch. Do we have the stature? I hope so and we will do everything to prove it to you. “


aAa Roster:

Jerome "Heuke" Bassat (Captain)
Philip "faculty" Rodier
Remi "Instanz" Poilblanc
Olivier "eternalz" Metge
Fabien "atlantis" Deguiraud 

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