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CompLexity Adds Impulsive, Hero Quits Counter Strike

CompLexity, one of the top two teams in America, have dopped Jeff “Hero” Mettetal in exchange for Derrick “Impulsive” Truong due to Mettetal retiring from professional Counter Strike.

Truong was a strong player during the time Gravitas existed, but after the organization's closing he believed he was done with Counter Strike.  He has returned to play for the CompLexity Syndicate, effective immediately.

CompLexity is excited about the addition of Truong.

"He has distinguished himself as one of America’s best players," they stated on their website. "We are confident his skill, dedication and passion for the game will enable coL.cs to reach greater heights in 2010."

Speculation had occured about a week ago as Truong had been playing with compLexity on the ESEA roster. It appeared that he was only a temporary fill in, but has now joined the team full time.

Mettetal was a key player for CompLexity and Truong certainly has some big shoes to fill. CompLexity, however, has promised their fans full devotion to the game and to becoming one of the "legendary" teams once again.

"As mentioned, the key change in coL.cs for 2010 will be the amount of time the squad is able to dedicate to the game. The guys are motivated and eager to tackle the year with a new sense of hunger and passion. We encourage all coL Fans to follow along and cheer on the squad as they work hard to put the legendary coL.cs name back in the Grand Finals of eSports."

Complexity 2010 Roster:

  Ryan "NineSpot" Bell
  Derek "dboorN" Boorn
  Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman
  Thomas "thoMz" Garcia
  Derrick "Impulsive" Truong

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