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Turtle Entertainment CEO Jens Hilgers Moved to Chairman of the Board

The former CEO and founder Jens Hilgers for Turtle Entertainment -- owners and operators of the ESL -- has stepped down from CEO to work as the Chairman of the Board, giving him more direct control into the company's strategic direction.

Turtle Entertainment, the company that runs both ESL and the Intel Extreme Masters, is about to change hands as CEO and founder Jens Hilgers steps down from his post at CEO to move to a less demanding role as Chairman of the Board, a move which the company deems necessary for the organization to move forward.

“The co-founder is retiring from daily business operations, allowing him to become more heavily involved in defining the company's strategic direction” the official press release on turtle entertainment's website states.

“As Chairman of the Board, Jens Hilgers will mainly be responsible for the business areas International Expansion, Business Development and Investor Relations.”

To take over role as CEO, founder Ralf Reichert will be taking sole control of the ESL's day to day operations. It is unknown what the day to day operations will be, how or if they will differ, but the Turtle Entertainment's website states that this has been a long time coming as “Ralf Reichert was appointed second managing director of Turtle Entertainment GmbH eight years ago; since then, he and Jens Hilgers have been jointly managing the company. “

“When we decided to found Turtle Entertainment ten years ago, we had a clear objective: we wanted to develop a real sport involving computer games and become the world's leading company in the 'competitive computer gaming' segment, also known as eSports", says Jens Higlers, recalling the founding of Turtle Entertainment in 2000.

"Ten years later we have achieved this aim – the eSports leagues under the umbrella of ESL are today the world's most renowned. After these successful and exciting years in operative business I feel the time has come for me to make a change; I am therefore transferring to the Chairman of the Board, a move that will give me more space to concentrate fully on our corporate strategy in the future. With my partner Ralf, the company's management remains in excellent hands, so we are well on course for a successful Turtle year 2010!"

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