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Goodfornothing: CS 1.6 Isnt Getting Any More Popular

In an interview with SK-Gaming, Ediz “goodfornothing” Basol talks of his new team EG and briefly talks on the future of Counter-Strike.

Ediz “goodfornothing” Basol – the newest member of team EG, has given an interview with SK-Gaming about how his team is looking going into the 2010 season, where CS is at the moment, and how his life after gaming will be.

“CS 1.6 isn't getting any more popular. There are no new players picking up the game and I think there needs to be a change to get the popularity of the game back up. If you look at titles like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, they are constantly putting out new versions to keep people interested in the game.”

“The newest Medal of Honor game has already sold almost 3 million copies. CS was one of the most popular games in the world (and still is I suppose) for a long time and has a very dedicated fan base. I feel like something needs to be done with that before it's too late to keep the ball rolling and to bring this game back to full force. I probably would quit 1.6 for CSP but I don't want it to divide the scene like CS:Source did in the States, I would want everyone on board. Hopefully if a lot of the top teams switch over, it will be a good enough reason for tournaments and leagues to pick up the game as well.”

Full interview at SK-Gaming.

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