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Evil Geniuses Looking to Make It Three in ESEA

Evil Geniuses will be looking to score back to half a game behind Excello tonight against WCG USA Bronze medalist, Team Dynamic.

After losing to Excello on January 7th, Evil Geniuses (7-1) is definitely looking forward to tonight. After beating CompLexity, the team certainly wants to get back into position to overtake the top seed as playoffs are approaching.  With n0thing back and well rested from his trip, and a two game win streak since the loss -- not to mention absolutely crushing everyone else in ESEA -- Evil Geniuses should have no trouble tonight.

However, Dynamic is exceptionally good at de_dust2 and being that it is the map tonight, except potentially 'random' play from them tonight.  It will be hard for them to steal the game from the near flawless (at least in America!) Evil Geniuses team, but there is always that possibility.

Barring a small miracle, however, EG should take this game.

The match begins at 11:00pm Eastern time.  Other matches are already under way.

Follow all of them at the ESEA page HERE.

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