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Loaded In Double Header Against Excello, Do_Work

ESEA - Week 5 will continue as Loaded faces off against Excello and Do_Work in a double header.

Loaded (2-6) has their work cut out for them tonight if they want to get back into the swing of ESEA online.  With a double header against two of the best teams tonight, it will be extremely difficult.

Excello (8-1) needs no introduction.  They have been a dominant force this season with wins over CompLexity and EG.  They beat Blight.ca last evening, dominating them in a 16-3 fashion.  If Loaded wants to take them down, it's going to take quite a bit of work.

Speaking of work, former Immortal7 team Do_Work (6-2) is looking pretty good this season as well. They most recently beat 9StorM about a week ago and have been taking a short break since, likely due to scheduling issues.  Does that mean they may be off for tonight's match?  Out of the two matches Loaded has tonight, this is the more probable one to take home the 'W' in.

The matches begin at 8 and 10pm Eastern. The second match will take place almost immediately following the first.

Follow the score and get the HLTV HERE.

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