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Excello Plays Blight Tonight in ESEA Invite

Surprise of the division, Excello will face off against a moderate Blight squad.

Blight (4-4), have been performing about where expected from the team.  They are certainly a strong squad, with wins over most of the lower tiered squads as well as a close victory over YummY.  They haven't proved themselves a top contender yet, however, but all that could change tonight with a win over Excello.

Excello has performed amazing this season.  With wins over CompLexity and EG (though, I should mention, EG was not using n0thing at the time), as well as others, they have proven themselves a top contender this season.  Last season, they did not play too spectacularly,  but here they have a near perfect record. Their only loss was to 9StorM, who is certainly not top of the tier.

If Blight can replicate whatever 9StorM did to win, they have a shot, but it will be very hard for them.  Excello will be looknig to continue their streak straight to the playoffs.

The match starts at 11:30pm Eastern tonight.

Follow along with the score HERE.

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