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auRic eSports Adds CoD4 Roster

European auRic eSports has changed their CoD4 roster to include one of the best throughout Europe.

auRic eSports, one of the better-known CoD teams in Europe, has completely changed their roster after determining the team unable to truly compete at CIC7.

"We are sad to announce the departure of our Scandavian CoD4 team that have only been with us a short while, in that short time we came to appreciate their skill and professionalism, but we felt this was the correct decision for good of auRic in the whole, and was based wholly on the stability of the team, and wish them all the best for the future," they stated on their website.

In their place, they have added former YoYoTech, one of the strongest teams in Europe to compete at CIC7 and other events.

James "SmithiE" Smith shared his excitement with joining the organization.

"After numerous negotiations with various organisations, it gives me vast contentment to announce that my team have elected to join 'auRic eSports'. We shall be soaring the auRic flag at CiC7 and further more online in the up and coming ESL EPS UK Season 3. We hope that we can prolong our online form now we are back active again and train hard for the impending events."

The team will be competing for 5000 at CiC7 March 5 to 7th in Enschede, Holland.

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