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Slumping Dynamic- Faces Winless Exigent Tonight

Exigent has their work cut out for them if they plan to take Dynamic- in Week 5 tonight on de_dust2.

Dynamic- (2-6), carrier of the heavy bronze trophy from WCG USA, have had a rough season.  Exigent (0-8), a fairly strong 'main-team-gone-invite' squad, have had it rougher.

It will take a lot of work for Exigent, but they have a shot; if they have practiced, of course.

Their first eight games haven't been what they have wanted thus far, but they certainly can pull it together and while I doubt we'll see them anywhere near the playoff hunt, they are hopefully playing for pride and practice at this point.  Let's not hold our breath though, okay?

Dynamic has not been doing well either.  Since falling off the map back at WCG USA, they haven't performed all too well and continue to slump back into the shadows.  Barring some complete disaster, they should have this game, but Exigent may have something up their sleeve.

The game begins at 11:00pm Eastern tonight.

Follow the match information HERE.

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