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After signing sponsorships with Puma and another with Razer, MYM gets new sponsor in CHIEFTEC.

Taiwanese computer case manufacturer CHIEFTEC and eSports organization MYM announced today that they have partnered to help support the growing, newly recreated organization.

The CHIEFTEC company is not widely known in North America, however it is extremely popular among the European gaming scene.

Product manager of CHIEFTEC Michael Ruhland told mymym.com that:

"CHIEFTEC is always looking for new and unique ways to support competitive-level PC gaming. Now with MYM we found a professional gaming team to make this aim come true. MYM, well known in the eSport scene will help to develop and establish CHIEFTEC cases and accessories in the gamer market. We are looking forward to a new and unique cooperation."

Marketing Manager Khaled Naim of MYM said that:

"For 20 years, CHIEFTEC has been manufacturing computer cases which has earned them a worldwide reputation for high quality and standard.  One of CHIEFTEC's main advantages is having an exclusive understanding of today's market coupled with the demand to effectively anticipate and service customers promptly. There is a vastly extensive product array, in which all of them meet the customers need for reliability, performance, and quality.  More over, each CHIEFTEC product offers the correct power supply component solution, making especially resource-saving.  A wide range of useful products rounds of the spectrum of CHIEFTEC, with many instrumental accessories from external hard disk housing and discrete cooling fans.  CHIEFTEC in this case, you can trust!"


This comes only a week after MYM announced quietly that they have sealed a deal with performance mouse company Razer and a few months since they added sportsware company, Puma.

Read more about the announcement HERE.

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