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Roskilde Ravens: We are an Inexperienced Team

Readmore.de - After their stunning run through Intel Extreme Masters European Championships, the Roskilde Ravens give an interview to Readmore.de.

Roskilde Ravens, a team which was seen as the second to third team in denmark, made major waves after their third place finish at IEM European championships, beating teams like AGAiN, Mousesports, Millenium and oXmoze bfore losing to fnatic in the semi-finals and going on to place third, besting giant SK-gaming in the cosolation finals.

After such an amazing run it would only be natural they'd be interviewed by a major news organization, and Readmore.de was first to step in.


When asked their impressions on the event baljit 'ze' Lal answered with:

"I am very glad that we were able to take third place in this tournament. I could not even imagine in my dream, so it is very surprising."



And his teammate, Marco 'Snappii' Pfeiffer added that:

“We hoped that we could give most teams stand up. Our minimum goal was two wins in the group stage, so we would hopefully make progress. After the first day we had achieved already, and we hoped that we could maintain our good level of play.”



When asked about the team’s overall experience, Lal states that:

“Friis and I are the two that have the most experience and the other three are the newcomers. This was our first LAN event with this lineup, but without Friis we were already together when Arbalet Cup, at the SLAP LAN and some skills in Denmark. So with this new lineup, we have not experienced it.”



And to add weight to that statement, Pfeiffer says that:

“It is a very inexperienced team. Turkizh, BERRY and I have never been on an international event, apart from the Arbalet Cup and now the IEM IV EC Finals. Friis has a little experience, but not much, whereas pm-even at a few events in Sweden. The team is new and we can hopefully develop more, so we get even better.”



When asked about additional events they plan on going to, Lal says that:

“We will participate in two weeks at the IOL Finals at Inferno Online in Stockholm. In the week before the Global Finals, we are on the HKLAN in Denmark, so we are prepared for the games.”

Full Inteview, in English, HERE:

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