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ESL Announces Quake Live Groups for Intel Extreme Masters European Championships

ESL has announced the Quake Live groups for Intel Extreme Masters European Championsip.

The groups are full of talent, including players like Maciej 'av3k' Krzykowsk, Anton 'Cooller' Singov and Magnus 'fox' Olsson in Groups A, B and D respectively.

Group A looks to be one of the easier groups, with well known players Maciej 'av3k' Krzykowski and Sebastian 'Spart1e' Siira playing against relative unknowns in Benjamin 'calipt' Jakob and Gareth 'GaRpY' Marshall.

The same can be said for Group B, with Kévin 'fnaticMSI.ql strenx' Baeza and Anton 'Cooller' Singov both playing against Alexander 'Z4muZ' Ihrfors and Jeffrey 'draven' Debipersad.

The cliché ‘group of death’, however, is Group C, with Marcel 'k1llsen' Paul, Marcel 'k1llsen' Paul and Pierre-E 'l1nkje' Portier all in the same group, with another relative unknown in Dan 'zsx' Sanders rounding out the group.

The last group looks to be equally tough with Magnus 'fox' Olsson, Richard 'noctis' Gansterer and Alessandro 'stermy' Avallone all competing for advancement, with Romain 'dem0n' Leclercq coming in the rear with little hope to compete against the giants of European Quake Live.

The event will take place on January 21 to the 24th.


Groups for IEM European Championship

Group A:
Maciej 'av3k' Krzykowski
Sebastian 'Spart1e' Siira
Benjamin 'calipt' Jakob
Gareth 'GaRpY' Marshal

Group B:
Alexander 'Z4muZ' Ihrfors
Kévin 'fnaticMSI.ql strenx' Baeza
Anton 'Cooller' Singov
Jeffrey 'draven' Debipersad

Group C:
Marcel 'k1llsen' Paul  
Alexey 'cypher' Yanushevsky
Pierre-E 'l1nkje' Portier
Dan 'zsx' Sanders

Group D:
Magnus 'fox' Olsson
Richard 'noctis' Gansterer
Alessandro 'stermy' Avallone
Romain 'dem0n' Leclercq


The event will take place on January 21 to the 24th.

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