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Mousesports Wins Intel Extreme Masters European Championship

Mousesports – a team which has had strong results in the last half of the year, winning GameGune Spain and EPS Germany – has taken home their first win in the 2010 season.

Mousesports had a very hard group stage, where they barely made it out of group stage with a 3–2 record, losing to both Roskilde Ravens and SK-Gaming while still managing to beat Millenium, AGAiN and the new MYM roster.

In the other group, fnatic showed that the group stage curse had been dispelled, as they went 5–0 with only one close game versus KerchNET (16–14).

The battle for second and third place in the group ensued and to the surprise of many, the former emuLate roster oXmoze and the new Ukrainian kerchNET managed to beat out ALTERNATE, n!faculty and mTw.dk for the playoff spots.

Mousesports, therefore, had the harder road to the finals, having to fight though Round One against a very impressive KerchNET roster and were pushed to the final game of the three game series. They lost the first game and barely took the second game in overtime.  They then won the last game, moving onto the second round of the playoffs.

Mousesports now had the chance to take their revenge on SK-Gaming, who had bested them in group stage play. In the three game series they took their revenge and despite a hard first map, where they again won in overtime, they then ran over the Swedes in the second map 16–8.

On the other side of the bracket, the Danish Ravens shocked the 2007 WCG Champions oXmoze by winning 2–1, taking the first map 16–12, losing 16–1 and then redeeming themselves 16 – 9 in the final map.

They would meet up with fnatic in the second round. However, they would not be as lucky as mousesports, and would fall easily 2–0, losing the first map 16-2 and the following map 16–1. The final was a revitalized mousesports against an ever strong fnatic.

The results would not go as planned for fnatic. They would fall in the first map 16–9, come back momentarily in the second map 16–13 and finally fall short in game three, 16-14.

Roskilde Ravens upset SK-Gaming for third place, despite losing the first map 16–14.

Final Standings:

1.  mousesports - $25,000
2.   fnaticMSI - $10,000
3.   Roskilde Ravens - $5,000
4.   SK Gaming - $2,500
5.   KerchNET - $1,250
6.   oXmoze - $1,150
7.   mTw.dk - $1,100
8.   MeetYourMakers - $1,000
9.   AGAiN - $750
10.   Team Alternate - $750
11/12.   Millenium - $750
11/12.   n!faculty - $750

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