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Rambo: My Plan After CGS was to Play 1.6

CS legend Rambo recently shared his mind in a short interview with his former team, Complexity.

Former 3D and CompLexity leader, Ronald “Rambo” Kim, has recently shared his thoughts in a short interview with his former team.

After the CGS broke up, the rest of his team went back to 1.6, but Kim was nowhere to be found, and outside of casually playing 1.6 and source, was not seen in the Counter-Strike community in the last year.

For the first time in over a year, we learn what he has been doing recently and over the last year.

First when asked what he planned to do after the CGS collapsed, he answered:

My plan after the CGS was to play 1.6 again, but this wasn't easy, as I had fully dedicated myself to Source for 2 years. In order for me to return to 1.6, I knew it would take a lot of practice and grinding to get back to world class contention. I knew I would burn myself out however, so I continued to play CS:S.

When asked if he ever felt like coming back to gaming he answered that:

I've been having some competitive gaming "itches" lately, that's for sure. Perhaps with the right players and organization, I would consider making a return. I still enjoy playing my favorite PC games as well as throwing in a scrim or two every week. As for my free time, I have been playing a lot of golf. I can safely say that I'm at least 94% addicted :-).

Finally he stated that, if someone was 17 and was just starting up gaming he said that:

My advice to any competitive player wanting to improve would be never ending, but some of the best ways are to: find a mentor, someone who is vastly better than you, preferably someone local. If you can't do that, watch replays and demos of your favorite players with a similar play-style, or a play-style that you'd like to emulate. Study and dissect why that player made certain decisions so you can learn from their wise choices as well as their mistakes. Also, don't be afraid to experiment with your settings, but don't overdo it. A huge key to becoming a successful gamer is being consistent.

Source: CompLexity

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