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Power Gaming 1.6 Disbands

After a great year, the best Finnish team, Power Gaming, disbands.

Power Gaming – a team which is formed from the former Crack Clan team as well as the former Excello.Finland lineup – has announced today that they have been forced to disband due to members of the team being forced into the mandatory Finnish military term.

They are best known for their recent achievements at WEM where they placed second above AGAiN and the Asian powerhouse TyLoo, but have also competed in events like the DreamHack IOL finals and many other events in the last year.

This marks the apparent end for the former astralis, 69°N-28°E team, which had been a dominant force in the scene, never leaving the G7 top ten until earlier this year when the team split into two teams: Excello, which features almost all of the astralis members and a new team with a new organization, Crack clan – formed of Niko "naSu" Kovanen and upcoming talent from Finland.  

Crack Clan would go on to beat the astralis team at every qualifier in Finland before eventually merging together late last year in the newly formed Power Gaming organization.

This leaves only one member, Tomi “lurppis” Kovenan of team EG, left from the former team who will remain active. He is obviously unable to carry the flag for Finnish Counter Strike, as he is signed to an American organization.

Power Gaming Had:

  Joona 'natu' Leppänen
  Niko 'nasu' Kovanen
  Tino 'tihOp' Puumala
  Samu 'plastE' Aalto
  Max Oskari 'ruuit' Aspe

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