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ESL Announce First Quake Live Participants for Taiwan

ESL announces the first wave of participants for the Asian Quake Live finals.

The Electronic Sports League has announced the first wave of participants for the ESL IEM Asian Finals in Taiwan, which will take place February 5 to 9 during the Taiwan Game Show.

To many people’s surprise there will be two European players competing in the event, one of them legendary Swedish player Cyrus 'proZaC' Malekani, known for his extravagant play during a ESWC Grand Finals where he upset numerous favorites of the tournament, and the second one will be a lesser known Joe 'Fenda' Fender who is currently living in Japan.

The other six participants are all Asian. One Japanese player, Tahara 'uNleashed' Naonobu, a south Korean, Lee 'Gosia' Byungwook, a Chinese player Zhibo 'Fan Zhibo' Fan – who participated in ESL IEM Dubai but fell out of groupstage – and finally Sung-Lin 'Mustaine' Tsai, from Taiwan.

They have yet to announce the CS participants, but it seems likely that WeMade FOX, both Tyloo squads, and the new wNv will be competing in the upcoming event.

The Participants of IEM Taiwan:

  Cyrus 'proZaC' Malekani
  Joe 'Fenda' Fender
  Tahara 'uNleashed' Naonobu
  Lee 'Gosia' Byungwook
  Zhibo 'Fan Zhibo' Fan
  Sung-Lin 'Mustaine' Tsai

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