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Mousesports picks up a StarCraft squad

mousesports.com - mousesports has acquired the former ESC.ICY-BOX StarCraft squad, with some notable omissions.

Announced earlier today, German eSports organization Mousesports has picked up the former ESC.ICY-BOX StarCraft squad (before that, the MYM squad). With this squad comes a number of top players, including Jian Fei "IefNaij" Wang, Canadian Protoss and defending champion of the Razer TSL, Oleksii "White-Ra" Krupnyk, Ukranian Protoss and runner up at this past years ESWC Masters, and Anton "Kolll" Emmerich, German Zerg and 4th place finisher at WCG this year in Chengdu, China. All players on the 1v1 roster of mouz are qualified for the upcoming PokerStrategy.com TSL. A few players from the ESC roster are missing as well, including Cristóbal "DinOt" Lledó, Chilean Zerg and a top 8 finisher in the Razer TSL, and  Pierre "SarenS" Guivarch, a veteran French Terran to the scene.

InsiderEsports was able to get a few words from head manager of the team, Markus "MaX" Kempur:


What sparked the switch to mouz, and was it an easy or difficult split from ESC?

We had a pretty good offer from mousesports and mouz belongs to the very best teams in the esport. We had a good and successful time with ESC but some things needed to be changed. Mouz was the perfect choice for us to get a new challenge for 2010.


A number of notable players on the ESC roster including ret, DinOt and SarenS, among others, are not present on the mouz roster. What lead the team to pick the 12 players that you did?

Well all these cases pretty much differs from each other. DinOt retired last year after the WCG. He also wasnt able to play the TSL main event. He'll always be a part of the team and he'll join us again once he's back active. We couldnt find a way to keep Ret in the team for now, mainly due to his stay in Korea. But things might change sooner or later and i would be please to have him with us again. Raven, Kyopo und Sarens are inactive and we have a limited space in the team. So we decided to release them.


Finally, do you have any major goals or plans while under the mouz organization?

We want to continue our great work, keep up the performance we had all the time and perform extremely well in various leagues and tournaments. And we really want to provide a good starcraft content on our site with regular interviews, casts, blogs, replays and a weekly stream. We really have some interesting stuff in mind but we ll need some time to realize it.



Mousesports StarCraft: Brood War Team

Germany Markus "MaX" Kemper (Manager)
Germany Gregor "Archi" Werner (Manager
Poland Jacek "LastNight" Trybuła (Manager
Germany Anton "Kolll" Emmerich (1vs1)
Germany Michael "GhosTa" Beck (1vs1
Ukraine Eugen "Strelok" Oparyshev (1vs1)
Ukraine Oleksii "White-ra" Krupnyk (1vs1)
Poland Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz (1vs1)
Poland Grzegorz "Dreiven" Kordek (1vs1)
Canada Jian Fei "IefNaij" Wang (1vs1)
Hungary Szikszai "Sziky" Miklós (1vs1)
Finland Eetu "Nizzy" Kauppinen (2vs2)
United States of America Danny "Lee" Lee (2vs2)
Chile Gonzalo "Belladona" Calvo (2vs2)
Latvia Andrew "Westside" Kalninsh (2vs2)

Source: Mousesports

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